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Free Preliminary Consultation

Interested in private or group college counseling? We start with a half-hour consult by phone or on Skype. It’s a great way to get acquainted and decide which PortfolioPrep services and/or programs will help you reach your goals. No two students are alike, so we customize our services to work with your preparation level and creative ambitions.

College Application Guidance

What’s the best match college for you? We’ll help you:

• Focus on the type of college experience you want
• Target the right colleges for your unique talents, aspirations, and personality
• Review your academic credentials to align with college requirements – and figure out if you need to strengthen any weaknesses before applying
• Tackle and submit your applications
• Practice the school interview
• Consider the best financial plans and aid
• Set priorities and manage your time

Master Portfolio Preparation

It’s your calling card for art and design schools. We’ll help you:

• Build and present your portfolio with all the winning elements
• Customize it per institutional requirements
• Receive constructive criticism from trusted professionals
• Determine which art courses to take now to create pieces for a stronger portfolio
• Photograph your artwork, including techniques for both 2-D and 3-D
• Present your portfolio with style: learn about resources, mounting, matting, and labeling

Digital Portfolio Preparation

It seems like every college has a different requirement for digital! We’ll help you:

• Create a cutting-edge e-portfolio to showcase your work – and streamline the application process
• Learn to create PDFs, slides, and prints from scanned art
• Work on resizing in various color models and file formats

Essays and Artist Statements

What are the colleges looking for? We’ll help you:

• Brainstorm ideas and choose topics to explore
• Write about your work, vision, and experiences in a way that truly represents you – and impresses college admissions committees
• Review and edit your drafts through to final versions suitable for the Common Application or supplementary essays

Workshops, Webinars, Videoconferences, Podcasts

A series of focused events to make the college and  art school decision and application process a whole lot easier. Check our calendar to see what’s happening soon.

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